Youtooz Slimecicle (2ft) Plush

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Release Date22 Dec, 2020
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Youtooz is known for creating collectible vinyl figures based on internet personalities, characters from pop culture, and other recognizable figures. These figures often feature unique designs and styles that reflect the individual or character they depict. They have also expanded their offerings to include other types of merchandise, such as plush toys.

“Slimecicle” refers to the online pseudonym of a content creator, and it’s likely that this plush toy is based on their online persona. Plush toys are soft, stuffed toys that are popular among fans of various content creators, gaming personalities, and internet culture.

The “Youtooz Slimecicle (2ft) Plush” suggests that this plush toy is approximately 2 feet in size, which would make it quite large and huggable. This type of merchandise is often sought after by fans as a way to have a physical representation of their favorite content creators or characters.

  • Brand: Youtooz
  • Dimensions: 24 IN