Rick Owens DRKSHDW EDFU Vintage Sneakers Taupe Grey

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SeriesRick Owens DRKSHDW EDFU Vintage Sneakers
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The Rick Owens DRKSHDW EDFU Vintage Sneakers in Taupe Grey are a part of Rick Owens’ DRKSHDW line. These sneakers feature a low-top silhouette and are designed with a combination of taupe grey tones.

The DRKSHDW EDFU Vintage Sneakers are known for their minimalist and understated design, reflecting Rick Owens’ signature aesthetic. The taupe grey color adds a versatile and neutral touch, making these sneakers easy to pair with various outfits. The vintage-inspired detailing and distressed effects give them a unique and worn-in look.

  • Style: DU01C6803DKLVS/DS01C6803-DKLVS-7881