Magic: The Gathering TCG Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster Box

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SeriesMagic: The Gathering TCG Double Masters 2022
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The Magic: The Gathering TCG Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster Box is a special release that contains 24 Draft Booster Packs, each containing 16 cards. This means that you will get a total of 384 cards, including at least 2 rare or mythic rare cards in every pack

Draft Boosters are designed to be used for drafting, which is a popular format of Magic in which players take turns selecting cards from a shared pool. However, they can also be used for sealed deck play, which is a format in which players build their decks from a pool of cards that they have opened

The Double Masters 2022 set is a fan-favorite reprint set that features some of the most popular and iconic cards from Magic’s history. This draft booster box is a great way to get a variety of powerful cards for drafting or sealed deck play