Casio G-Shock Vital Bright Series GBD-200SM-1A5


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SeriesCasio G-Shock Vital Bright Series
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The Casio G-Shock Vital Bright Series GBD-200SM-1A5 is a model known for its sporty design, durability, and fitness tracking features. The “Vital Bright Series” typically incorporates vibrant colors and is designed for individuals who are active and into fitness. Here are the key features and details of this specific model:

  1. Design: The GBD-200SM-1A5 usually features a combination of black and orange accents, giving it a vibrant and sporty appearance. The design is geared towards fitness enthusiasts and those leading an active lifestyle.
  2. Shock Resistance: G-Shock watches are renowned for their shock-resistant construction, making them highly durable and suitable for rugged outdoor use.
  3. Water Resistance: The watch is typically water-resistant, allowing for everyday use and activities like swimming. The specific water resistance rating may vary, so it’s important to check the details.
  4. Display: The digital display typically shows time, date, day of the week, and various fitness-related functions such as step count, heart rate, training data, and more.
  5. Fitness Tracking Features: Common fitness-related features may include step tracking, heart rate monitoring, workout tracking, calorie tracking, sleep monitoring, and more.
  6. Connectivity: Some GBD-200SM-1A5 models may offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect with a smartphone for additional features and data synchronization.
  7. Battery Life: The watch typically offers a long-lasting battery life, especially with energy-saving features, to support continuous use during fitness activities.
  • Case Size: 49MM
  • Case Material: RESIN
  • Band: RESIN
  • Movement: QUARTZ
  • Dial: Black