Bearbrick Maneki Neko Good Luck Silver x Ten Million Gold 100% & 400% Set Silver/Gold


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SeriesBearbrick Maneki Neko Good Luck Silver X Ten Million Gold 100% & 400% Set
Release Date01 Sep, 2022
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The “Bearbrick Maneki Neko Good Luck Silver x Ten Million Gold 100% & 400% Set Silver/Gold” refers to a collectible toy set from the Bearbrick line that features a Maneki Neko theme with a silver and gold colorway. Let’s break down the key components:

  1. Bearbrick: Bearbrick is a line of collectible toy figures created by Medicom Toy Incorporated. These figures are characterized by their bear-like design and come in various sizes, often denoted as percentages (e.g., 100%, 400%) relative to the original design.
  2. Maneki Neko: Maneki Neko, also known as the “beckoning cat” or “lucky cat,” is a popular Japanese figurine often believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and fortune to its owner. It is typically depicted as a cat with one paw raised in a beckoning gesture.
  3. Good Luck Silver x Ten Million Gold: This part of the description suggests that the Bearbrick figure is designed with silver and gold elements, with the intention of conveying good luck and wealth.
  4. 100% & 400% Set: This indicates that the set includes two Bearbrick figures—one at 100% size and another at 400% size. The larger size allows for more detailed representation of the design.
  5. Silver/Gold: “Silver/Gold” signifies that the Bearbrick figures in this set feature a color scheme that combines silver and gold, aligning with the Maneki Neko theme often associated with these colors.
  • Dimensions: 2.75 IN / 7 CM- 11 IN / 28 CM