Bearbrick Halo Master Chief 400% Green


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SeriesBearbrick Halo Master Chief 400%
Release Date24 Jun, 2014
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The “Bearbrick Halo Master Chief 400% Green” refers to a special edition collectible toy that combines elements from the Bearbrick toy line and the popular video game series “Halo,” specifically featuring the character Master Chief. Here’s a breakdown of the components:

Bearbrick is a line of collectible toy figures created by the Japanese company Medicom Toy Incorporated. These figures are characterized by their bear-like design and are produced in various sizes, with the scale denoted as a percentage. For example, a 400% Bearbrick is four times the size of the original design.

“Halo” is a well-known science fiction video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios. The franchise centers around the conflict between humanity and an alliance of aliens known as the Covenant. The main protagonist of the series is Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, commonly referred to as Master Chief.

Master Chief is the central character in the “Halo” series. He is a super soldier, specifically a Spartan-II, clad in advanced power armor and known for his role in defending humanity from various threats. His distinctive green armor and helmet have become iconic symbols of the “Halo” franchise.

The “Bearbrick Halo Master Chief 400% Green” likely refers to a Bearbrick figure that features a design inspired by Master Chief’s iconic green armor. The figure’s size is 400% of the original Bearbrick design, making it a larger and more detailed representation of the character. This collectible would likely appeal to both fans of the Bearbrick toy line and fans of the “Halo” series, offering a unique crossover between collectible art and video game culture.

  • Dimensions: 11 IN / 28 CM