Bearbrick Gaiking 400%


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SeriesBearbrick Gaiking 400%
Release Date01 Oct, 2022
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The Bearbrick Gaiking 400% is a collectible toy figure produced by Medicom Toy in collaboration with “Gaiking,” a popular Japanese mecha anime series. The “400%” in the name indicates that this Bearbrick figure is approximately 400% the size of the standard 100% Bearbrick, making it around 28 centimeters (approximately 11 inches) tall.

Key details about the Bearbrick Gaiking 400% figure may include:

  1. Gaiking: Gaiking is a classic Japanese mecha anime and manga series created by Go Nagai. The series features a giant robot, Gaiking, that is piloted by a team of heroes to protect the Earth from various threats, including monstrous creatures and alien invaders.
  2. Bearbrick Figure: Bearbrick figures are known for their bear-shaped design and come in various sizes. The “400%” size is a larger version that offers more detail and presence.
  3. Design: The Bearbrick Gaiking figure likely features design elements and color schemes inspired by the mecha and characters from the Gaiking series.

Collectible Bearbrick figures are often produced in limited quantities and are sought after by collectors and fans of the collaborating brands or franchises.

  • Dimensions: 11 IN / 28 CM