Bearbrick Elmo 400% Red


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SeriesBearbrick Elmo 400%
Release Date01 Jan, 2016
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The Bearbrick Elmo 400% Red is a collectible figure from Medicom Toy’s Bearbrick series, featuring the iconic character Elmo from the beloved children’s television show “Sesame Street.” Bearbricks are highly collectible plastic figures shaped like bears and are known for their collaborations with various pop culture characters and themes.

Here are the key details about the Bearbrick Elmo 400% Red:

  1. Design: The Bearbrick Elmo 400% typically features a design inspired by Elmo, a red, furry monster known for his distinctive and cheerful appearance on “Sesame Street.”
  2. Size: The “400%” indicates the size of the Bearbrick, making it approximately 4 times larger than the standard 100% Bearbrick. The 400% size is about 28 centimeters (approximately 11 inches) tall.
  3. Color and Details: The figure is primarily red, representing Elmo’s signature color. It includes details and features characteristic of Elmo’s appearance.
  4. Materials and Finish: The figure is typically made of high-quality plastic and carefully crafted to capture Elmo’s likeness accurately.
  5. Collaboration: The Bearbrick Elmo is a collaboration between Medicom Toy and “Sesame Street,” allowing fans to collect a unique piece of pop culture memorabilia.

Collectors and fans of “Sesame Street” or Elmo will appreciate the Bearbrick Elmo 400% Red for its vibrant design and connection to a beloved character.

  • Dimensions: 11 IN / 28 CM