Bearbrick Daruma Peko-chan & Poco-chan 100% & 400% Set of 4 Red/White

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SeriesBearbrick Daruma Peko-Chan & Poco-Chan 100% & 400% Set
Release Date01 Dec, 2022
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The Bearbrick Daruma Peko-chan & Poco-chan 100% & 400% Set is a special edition released as part of the Bearbrick series by Medicom Toy. The set typically includes multiple Bearbrick figures featuring the designs of Daruma Peko-chan and Poco-chan in varying sizes and colors.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the set:

  1. Design and Color: The set includes Bearbrick figures with the design of Daruma Peko-chan and Poco-chan. The color scheme is typically a combination of red and white, representing the traditional colors associated with Daruma dolls.
  2. Size: The set usually consists of 100% and 400% sized Bearbrick figures. The 100% size is approximately 7 cm (2.75 inches) tall, and the 400% size is around 28 cm (11 inches) tall.
  3. Material: Bearbrick figures are typically made of high-quality, glossy plastic, giving them a sleek and collectible appearance.
  4. Details: The figures are designed with intricate details to resemble the characters of Daruma Peko-chan and Poco-chan accurately. The design captures the essence of these characters in the classic Bearbrick style.

The collaboration between Bearbrick and Daruma Peko-chan & Poco-chan results in a limited-edition collectible set highly sought after by collectors and fans of both brands.